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“The Brand Identity we created for EC Life instills a sense of closeness and reliability in the minds of its customers.”
  • Brand Differentiation Strategy
  • Brand Relationship Structure
  • Brand Identity
  • Master Brand Format
  • Integrated Brand Communications
  • Media Systems


EC Life is a financial service provider and multi-utility product promotion chain. EC Life provides payment services, financial services and an e-commerce platform to support the transaction of consumer goods at store chains. After more than a decade of working to build a solid customer network in electricity and telecommunications payment solutions, ECPay continues to expand the EC Life brand. 


To achieve the goal of helping EC Life build a nationwide chain of stores,  we initially identified that the brand needed to find a suitable competitive brand positioning to enable it to attract partners and customers. It also needed a consistently applied Brand Identity.

Action and Result 

We partnered with EC Life to build a Brand Differentiation Strategy based on the three brand character traits of sincerity, understanding and integrity, and then developed a Media Systems to ensure the brand persona was applied consistently throughout all media.

The Brand Identity we created for EC Life conveys idea of puzzle pieces fitting together to emphasize the role of EC Life in everyday life, from booking airplane tickets and shopping at local markets to purchasing tech products, which instills a sense of closeness and reliability in the minds of its customers in trading store chains across the nation.

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