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Beef Daily

“We revealed the brand’s competitive advantage over its rivals in the marketplace.”
  • Brand Differentiation Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Master Brand Format
  • Media Systems
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Integrated Brand Communications


Beef Daily is the first Australian standard chilled beef brand in Vietnam to develop a safe meat control system employing the most complete 3F model that ensures quality at all levels of the production chain, namely feed, farm and food. Beef Daily supplies carefully selected 100% Australian imported beef, raised on a Global GAP farm system, and chilled using cutting-edge Oxy-Fresh technology.


With the aim of launching a completely new Australian standard chilled beef product concept in Vietnam, we determined that Beef Daily required a Brand Differentiation Strategy and Brand Identity that would easily convey its brand characteristics to consumers. The big challenge would be to educate consumers about the benefits of chilled beef, which would help Beef Daily become the leading brand in its sector. 

Action and Result 

Together with the Beef Daily team, we revealed the brand’s competitive advantage over its rivals in the marketplace. Once we identified the brand’s three persona traits of friendly, understanding and pioneering, we accurately portrayed these traits throughout the design of Brand Identity, including the brand name, logo and Brand Positioning Phrase. The Media Systems we then developed for Beef Daily ensured the brand persona would be smoothly applied throughout all media.

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