Vodka Men

Vodka Men

Market Situation
Vodka is one of the most favored alcoholic beverages in Vietnam. The mid-quality vodka segment is dominated by the Men’s Vodka brand. Especially in the North, consumers have grown to associate vodka with the frosted bottle of Men’s Vodka. However, the alcoholic beverage segment hasn’t been a one-man game since Vodka Ca Sau continuously expanded its scale, and Vodka Ha Noi – a prestige brand with over 100 years of history – has come back to the market with significant investment.

Until recently Men’s Vodka was considered as the market leader. However, along with its increased popularity, the image of the Men’s Vodka brand became somewhat diminished. Meanwhile, Vodka Ca Sau positioned itself as an exported Vodka from Russia, obtaining a more novel image – dashing, trendy, and high-class. Although Vodka Ha Noi kept its old-fashioned image, they still attracted a loyal group of consumers. Accordingly, Men’s Vodka faced the challenge of upgrading their brand image to compete emotionally with their rivals, and at the same time to be suitably positioned as the most favored alcohol beverage in Vietnam.

Action & Result
A comprehensive brand strategy was developed and recommended by Richard Moore Associates. For Men’s Vodka, their No.1 position was highlighted since it’s always one of a brand’s greatest selling points. The positioning phrase “the bravery of a pioneer” accurately conveyed this.
The brand image was upgraded to be much more modern, masculine (since the product was sold mainly to male consumers), contemporary and smart. The illustrative nature of the logo , which in the past had been criticized as somewhat confusing, was modified to fit with the new emotional positioning.
Men’s Vodka now has the right identity to keep its leading image in the marketplace.

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