Vietjet Air

Market Situation
VietJet Air was the first Vietnamese private airline to specialize in the low-cost aviation segment. The airline was established in 2007 but it was not until the end of 2011 that it’s fleet was ready to make commercial flights. During this period, the Board of Directors had time to consider the brand identity system that was initially created for them and they decided that it did not fit the brand they envisioned.

To create a competitive image that projected the ideals of a new-generation low-cost airline, Richard Moore Associates was asked to develop a comprehensive new brand identity system that would be ready in time for the first flight.

Action & Result
The market that VietJet Air was targeting was young and dynamic and VietJet Air had new ideas to appeal to them, so a brand persona was developed based on the traits of “Joyous”, “Imaginative” and “Inspiring.”

In line with these traits, a logotype in uniquely drawn letterforms and no formal symbol was created for a friendly appearance and maximum impact on the aircraft and other brand communications. The bright-red color with yellow accents and other core identity elements such as typography and format appear that appear in VietJet Air’s communications were selected with the same traits in mind. All combine to reflect VietJet Air’s business goal of always making customers happy and inspired.

Every day, Vietjet Air’s brand identity is compensating for its launch delay. Their latest success is the award of “Top 5 Best New Route Launch Category” at the 2012 Budgie$ & Travel Awards, a prestige award for the low cost aviation industry and Asian travel industry.

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