The Hay-Adams

Market Situation
Prestigiously located across from the White House in Washington DC, the Hay-Adams has long been a favorite hotel and meeting place for diplomats, politicians, business leaders and tourists. But competition for high-end travelers is fierce in the Capital, and to maintain its image, the Hay-Adams decided to undergo a hotel-wide renovation beginning in the fall of 2000. We were asked to revitalize the hotel’s Brand Identity in time for their reopening.

Most high-end hotels are elegant and provide a high level of service, but the Hay-Adams is unique. The hotel was renowned for the manner in which they provided impeccable service, always in a warm, hospitable manner. And now their new renovation created a distinctive look to every room that was as quiet and comfortable as it was luxurious. These unique attributes of the Hay-Adams were used to guide the brand personality.

Action & Result
Small but attention-getting ads were published during the renovation to build interest. The hotel’s target audience was clarified and its brand personality sharpened. The logo was redrawn and an outline version of it created, used as the cornerstone of a new “look” for the Hay-Adam that was distinctive, and at the same time, quietly elegant. By time the hotel reopened, guests were greeted with an entirely new identity on everything from room-key folders and check-out invoices to menus and matchbook covers. New room and banquet promotional literature and advertising was created that featured new photography of the hotel’s luxurious new rooms and smiling faces of the staff. Within a year of reopening, booking rates reached a new high.

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