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Market Situation
ThaiBinh Seed, founded in 1972, is among the top three seed development and distribution firms in Vietnam. The firm has modern research & development technologies and expertise and is famous for many successful seed types such as BC15 and TBR225. Although having extensive expertise in seed development, the firm faced major difficulties reaching farmers nationwide.

ThaiBinh Seed wanted to maintain its current market position and increase its brand awareness nationally, Richard Moore Associates was asked to identify a sound brand strategy and design a new identity system.

Action & Result
After a thorough research and analysis process we discovered important points of difference for Thai Binh Seed. Despite the existence of major competitors, ThaiBinh Seed is the most trusted brand for farmers. ThaiBinh Seed also possesses the most advanced technologies for R&D, seed processing and quality control in Vietnam. Furthermore, the firm holds the record of the number of successful seeds developed nationally. Accordingly, we crafted the brand as a pioneer who is close to its customerds, active, and visionary.
Hundreds of logo ideas were explored to project an image that expressed the criteria well. The final design is inspired by the symbol of hands nurturing a seed while at the same time resembling a seed that is just beginning to sprout. For the brand typeface, a serifed design brings a feeling of closeness and trustability. For brand colors, a particular green that’s like the color of a fresh rice crop brings feelings of hope, growth, and abundance. As a secondary brand color, a particular shade of brown is used to express the land and trust.

Along with a new positioning phrase “The Pride of Vietnamese farmers,” the new ThaiBinh Seed identity now matches its market position.

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