Thach Bich

Market Situation
Although there has always been fierce competition between mineral water brands, for many years Thach Bich stood out as a friendly, close, familiar local brand to many Vietnamese consumers. With great effort, they had also expanded their product line to energy drinks, fruit drinks and more. However, in order to reach their ambitious long-term goal to become the leading drink supplier in the Central and Highland regions and further expand nationwide, Thach Bich wished to develop a stronger and more favorable image in the marketplace.

It was obvious from solely a visual basis that a professionally designed brand identity system would strengthen Thach Bich’s image, but we sensed that the brand had unique strengths that could leverage its favorable local image into one that would be suitable for a competitive nation-wide brand. We proposed a stage of research and strategy development before any creative work would begin.

Action & Result
A thorough development program began with learning all we could about Thach Bich’s processes and plans, plus focus groups composed of the current and expanded target audience to learn perceived strengths and weaknesses. This research gave us enough knowledge of the brand and its market perceptions to know that one of Thach Bich’s greatest strengths was it’s age-old pristine thermal water source. After developing a compatible Brand Personality, we were able to begin creative development of a logotype and brand look that incorporates visual references to Thach Bich’s deep aquifer.

Also key to the identity system that encompasses Thach Bich’s entire product line was creation of an icon to identify and capitalize on the unique water source used for all of the brand’s products – even flavored products – giving Thach Bich a differentiating competitive edge throughout its line. Thach Bich now has a well-structured source for implementation of their brand identity that compliments their unique source of pure water.

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