Sala Sala


Market Situation
By 2014 the Ho Chi Minh City market for high–end residential projects had become increasingly competitive because of more and more construction projects in this segment. Nevertheless, most large–scale, high–end residential areas in the city did not meet the demands of upscale clients satisfactorily. Meanwhile, the trust of many housing purchasers in the real estate market had gradually eroded, resulting from the lack of investor commitments.

A newly established but large firm, Dai Quang Minh Real Estate Corporation, aimed to become the leader in the luxurious segment of residential complex construction in Ho Chi Minh City, grasping the opportunity of the unsettled market.

Action & Result
Long and intense discussions helped us probe the major distinctive features of the complex to reflect in the brand persona. We learned that the complex was to be the most premium large–scale residential complex in a most ideal location of Ho Chi Minh City; a highly community-value-focused complex in the only uptown area with a natural ecological environment. Taking into account all these characteristics, Dai Quang Minh was best described as a dutiful provider. Inspired by the Sala flowers which are cultivated widely in the complex, the brand was named after the Sala tree itself. In Vietnamese culture, the Sala flower symbolizes a peaceful and worry–free life.
Crafting Sala as a trustworthy, luxurious, and natural brand, we then helped to design its full identity throughout all media. The Sala logo is a sophisticated but simple combination of lines & colors, with a flower perceived in the center, reflecting the modern and elegant style of the complex. To ensure that the brand receives maximum prominence, a solid structure of sub-brands was also developed. The brand was successfully introduced into the Ho Chi Minh market in 2014.

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