QPVN Channel

Market Situation
As world-wide communications have become more multi-dimensional, Vietnam has integrated with the trend and shifted its communications to be broader, richer and faster. More and more publications, especially TV channels, have cropped up to bring fast and varied information throughout Vietnam. However, besides VTV, the official national television channel of Vietnam, there has been no television channel with up-to-date international political and economic news, especially accurate and timely news on national defense matters.

Responding to a large demand for public information while fulfilling its own mission, The National Defense Department decided to establish and develop an official channel to be the voice and image of Vietnam’s national defense in the new age. The objective was to develop a long-term brand strategy and brand identity deserving of its important mission and national positioning, yet to be friendly enough to attract the eyes of people of all ages. Richard Moore Associates was given the honor of fulfilling this demanding vision.

Action & Result
The brand differentiation strategy for QPVN was studied carefully after thorough internal research to reflect the plans and vision of the board of management, and was based on the results of external market research to learn the expectations of people throughout the country. With technical support by Viettel and innovative content development by The Peoples Army Television, QPVN was planned to vitalize the political and economic news that is typically thought of as strict and stiff, to instead be lively, real, creative and deep. Doing so differentiates the brand as the first TV channel to provide speedy, creative content from the National Defense Department’s point of view.

Using the image of “Hero” as an archetype to shape the persona of a pioneering organization that holds honor high and at the same time was display warm consideration in its reach-out to the public, we were collaboratively enabled to complete a differentiation strategy to base QPVN’s brand identity on. The gold star in the brand’s logo not only symbolizes the Vietnam national flag but also implies the mission of the brand as a morning star, leading people to the right place. Together with the positioning phrase “For the people we serve,” a master brand format was created to meet the high requirements of QPVN’s television platform. To introduce the nation’s newest TV channel, the brand was successfully launched on 19 May, 2013 with a broadcast that exemplified its political tone while celebrating the birth of Uncle Ho.

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