Market Situation
The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (see their Client History) had decided to manufacture their own motorcycle helmets for the foundation’s safety programs. The lightweight, ventilated helmets were designed especially for Southeast Asia’s climatic conditions. Additionally, Asia Injury wanted to market a line of the helmets throughout Vietnam, using the profits to fund further safety programs. There is a great deal of resistance to wearing a helmet in Vietnam’s often steamy weather, and the limited selection of heavy, ill-fitting models in the marketplace at the time had soured many potential users against using them at all.

The client needed a brand name, brand identity, and a full array of marketing communication materials. In our analysis, we divided the overall market into three age segments and identified the barriers and opportunities to reach each. Criteria was established for creative development that included all segments, and would lead to solutions appealing to both Asian and Western (financial donor) eyes and ears. At the heart of our objectives was the notion that the path to broad appeal started by appealing to those of above-average intelligence, who would set a pattern of use for others to follow.

Action & Result

Action & Result
Out of our brand name exploration came a name, “Protec”, that would be audibly pleasing to Vietnamese ears as an abstract word, yet carried meaning to those who understood English. A logo was created that visually acknowledges the fragility of Protec’s users and at the same time the engineering care taken to protect them. Marketing communication materials were developed that projected an easy, pleasurable and fashionable experience. In the first two years of sales, with very minimal advertising expenditure, Protec captured an influential core of users that is spurring future sales.

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