Market Situation
With globalization and fast thriving economy of Vietnam, today modern life’s noticing increased importance of appearance and looks. The widespread obsession with a beautiful surface now seems to be entering the professional arena. The growing disposable personal income infuses choices of how young people want to present, fit in themselves to society. Established in 1998, Viet Fashion Corporation specializes in designing, manufacturing and trading Apparel fashion under the brand NinoMaxx (Casual Active), and Maxxstyle (Casual Clean) with strong nationwide network of retail stores. As the leading retail fashion company in Vietnam, Viet Fashion wished N&M to master the higher premium fashion market with its smart, casual yet high-end fashion for both office use and recreation at the same time.

Given the brand name which is consistent with the parent company, we were asked to develop the whole identity system based on a strong differentiation strategy, core personalities and things that are unique in fashion industry: the concept and creation of store design and atmospherics. The mission is to bring in new spirit to the beauty of young entrepreneurs and office employees from work to evening party in their own unique styles.

Action & Result
Richard Moore Associates has initially made exhaustive research on management vision and the brand category competition before create the full Brand Identity System for N&M. N&M concept’s differentiated as a match among simplicity and convenience from the US; the sophistication and sensitivity from Europe and the elegancy from Asia. It is anticipated that the designer and the consumer could share more than just a nice outfit via N&M. As important as the cloth and design of any fashion item, the developing the identity system is carefully and imaginatively developed, in which the logo is “elegantly” combined with sketch of a princess crown, the color palette, typefaces that altogether reflect the “alluring” and youthful personalities. Along with the positioning phrase, “Beyond Borders”, upgrade N&M brand to go beyond physical distance and stand its pioneer ground in Vietnam fashion industry. Taking one step closer to the youth, N&M store atmospheric ideas are crafted for a cozy atmosphere with nice music and sensual scents for unique shopping experiences. Trendy design together with strong brand identity and fast manufacturing has resulted in rapid response to market demands, which wins favoritism from Vietnamese youngsters when fashion is getting more and more of one big critical factor of life.

Who We Are

Richard Moore Associates is a a joint stock company with more than 40-year experience in brand consulting through Strategic differentiation and Creative excellence.

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As a brand communication consultancy, Richard Moore Associates offers services in the comprehensive development of Brand Identity, Brand Communication and Brand Engagement with a focus on your Brand’s strategic image.


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