Nguoi Goi Yen

Market Situation
The 2015 bird nest market in Vietnam was a two-sided game – on one side was the big-player Yen Sao Khanh Hoa, constituting the majority of market share; and on the other side was the rest – small to mini-scale producers or distributors , including Yen Sao Phu Yen.
For consumers in this segment, the most important concern is the genuineness of bird nest products, followed by the product origin – whether natural or homegrown.

Yen Sao Phu Yen’s business objective was to become a well-known brand that delivers true and affordable bird nest products to everyone. They reasoned that their brand should develop a more significant reason-to-buy as well as a more attractive brand image to attract customers.

Action & Result
Richard Moore Associates was entrusted to build up a comprehensive brand differentiation strategy, as well as a new brand identity. Then we built the brand through a process from strategy, brand name, brand positioning phrase to a core identity with a brand-new logo.
The new brand name became Nguoi Goi Yen (The Bird Caller), describing its strongest selling point – a great number of birds coming back to their nest, meaning great output. The new positioning phrase is closely associated with the brand name – One roof, thousands of birds. And the new logo is also derived from that story as well – the hand of a person calling the birds back.
With their attractive new identity, Nguoi Goi Yen is set to attract a flock of new customers to their products

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