Modern Life

Market Situation
As a newly branded furniture & kitchen appliance store chain, Modern Life aims to become the leading brand in this category of Vietnam’s market. Understanding the tough competition in a market flooded by both locally-manufactured and imported brands, Modern Life was intent on making its own waves from the very first days.

Coming to Richard Moore Associates as the first Modern Life store was under construction, Modern Life kept in mind that “The first impression is a lasting impression.” Accordingly, they requested us to help them create a differentiated impression for those who would first come to the store during its launching days.

Action & Result
Backed by the founding spirit learned from our research phases and inspired by Modern Life’s three core personality traits of Passionate, Enjoyable & Luxury, we organized brainstorming sessions to explore the most potential concepts for the Core Brand Identity development. Through experience and extensive exploration, we created a house-shaped logo that reflected Modern Life’s business nature well, especially when it was blended in various shades of purple to bring customers the feeling of a playful, artistic and inspired house in which they will be the artists. Concurrently, we developed a unique Store Atmospherics plan that extended from the facade display, wall graphics and advertising to lighting, music, fragrance, staff uniforms and price tags. All contribute to preserve a consistent brand image while providing anyone that comes to the store with a once-in-a-blue-moon purchasing experience.

With its new and differentiated appearance, Modern Life is now ready to pursue the dream of bringing modern, smart and sophisticated living space to Vietnamese consumers.

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