Market Situation
In 1997, the purified bottled water market in Vietnam was dominated by La Vie, produced under the supervision of Perrier Vittel of France, and flooded with look-alike products. Tropical Wave Corporation sought the best strategy to gain market share, and decided to create a brand that would first penetrate the 5 gallon (20 litre) market in Hanoi and the northern region before launching smaller sizes aimed ultimately at consumers throughout the entire country.

Tropical Wave asked that a brand identity be developed that would be strong enough to compete with LaVie, stand out from the sea of LaVie clones, and be difficult to copy at a time when copyright protection was not yet strongly enforced. The brand was to be based on the name “Laska”. The company also needed a full range of marketing communication materials, initially aimed at offices and other businesses that used large water dispensers, and later, mass media print and TV advertising, aimed at the broader market of purified water users.

Action & Result
Included in our creative exploration was a review of hundreds of photographic images that might communicate the pure, refreshing quality that we were seeking. One of them stood out dramatically and became the cornerstone for Laska’s product labeling and promotional imagery. Coupled with a unique logo and a tightly organized brand identity system that maximized all communications from delivery slips to delivery trucks, plus a “Smart Choice” positioning strategy, Laska soon dominated the 5 gallon market in Hanoi and the northern region. A few years later it occupied a strong 2nd position against LaVie in smaller sizes. The brand has now expanded sales to Ho Chi Minh City and the southern region.

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