Language Link

Market Situation
Language Link Vietnam entered the Vietnam education market in 1996. This foreign English language school quickly became one of the most top-of-mind brands to be associated with general communication English. Sometime after the year 2000, the reasons that students were studying English broadened. Seeing this trend develop first hand, Language Link skillfully reacted by developing a comprehensive curriculum that was aimed at preparing students from childhood for their early adulthood goals.

With a clear eye on where the market was headed , Language Link’s management set an ambitious goal to be market leader in the English for Academic Purposes educational segment.

Action & Result
Based on the findings of carefully-designed research into the way that Language Link was developing their educational offerings compared with that of their competitors, we found that some were already active in the broad English for Academic Purposes segment, but none had developed a program that prepared students of all ages as thoroughly for certain types of study as Language Link had. In brand imagery, it is usually not successful to go head to head with another company that is perceived in the lead position in the same category because that area is already perceptionally owned in the market mind by them.

So in collaboration with Language Link’s management, we created a new category within which Language Link could make the most of their points of difference and be a pioneering leader. Doing so enabled us to focus all brand communications in a more competitively advantageous way. In line with this strategy, we restructured the appearance of all media and refined Language Link’s logo to be more suitable to their strategic target audience. With prominent elements of a new brand identity shaped by a powerful brand strategy behind them, Language Link was very well-prepared for its ambitious business goals.

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