Market Situation
Development of the Vietnam economy has led to the growth of living standards. Demand for water filter equipment strongly increased and in this market, Kangaroo was the market leader.
Our client, Karofi, was a new brand in the water filter segment. Despite their modern technology in water filter production and a price advantage, competing against Kangaroo in the water filter market was still very difficult. Karofi understood that a strong brand was critical to compete with its rivals.

Richard Moore Associates was entrusted with creation of Karofi’s brand identity and its positioning phrase. The project required the development of an appealing brand image and an effective statement to help Karofi capture its target customer’s attention and to express its key points of difference and personality.

Action & Result
We conducted thorough research both within the company (questionnaire, in-depth interview with Karofi’s management) and through market research (focus group discussions with the target audience) to achieve base knowledge from three sides: Karofi, Karofi’s competitors and Karofi’s customers. Accordingly, we were able to work collaboratively with Karofi in developing a competitive differentiation strategy and a fitting persona for the brand. We were also able to discover that the current logo and brand identification didn’t impress customers much.

Since “Karofi pioneered in the innovation of water filters to bring a more efficient and convenient product to users,” we concluded that Karofi was best described based on a an archetypical Innovator – one who is capable of rising to meet the demands of challenging situations.

In development, a new logo was created which represents the environment-friendliness of Karofi. The O letter evokes the sense of “the whole world in a water drop,” a fitting symbol since water is the beginning of life on earth.

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