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Market Situation
The Kangaroo Group was established in 2001, originally specializing in importing and distributing pure water filters and water heaters. Over the course of more than 10 years in this segment, Kangaroo has succeeded in expanding its business categories in household appliances segment. Kangaroo has gained high brand awareness and a dominant market share in the North Vietnam market. In anticipation of increasingly fierce rivalry from both domestic and international competitors, the group’s senior management was determined to develop business in the South Vietnam market as well as to begin exporting to South East Asia countries. With this aggressive plan, Kangaroo was quite anxious to begin development of a corresponding identity that would symbolize the group’s spirit.

Our primary task was to create a Brand Identity System and an effective Brand Differentiation Strategy that would go hand-in-hand for the long term to help the company realize their very ambitious business mission.

Action & Result
Based on the outcome of internal research with Kangaroo’s senior management, we developed a brand logotype that explicitly reflects the company’s direction of moving forward and their distinction as the first Vietnamese provider of electric home appliances with a focus on healthy living. The recommended Brand Personality Trait “Innovative” was compatible with Kangaroo’s product development attitude and their desire to be the market leader. Additionally, a comprehensive Master Brand Format was designed to help the brand project a consistent image and increase its awareness. With the completion of guidelines, Kangaroo was soon implementing its new identity consistently throughout the marketplace.

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