Hotpot Story

Market Situation
As the first international hotpot buffet restaurant concept in Vietnam, where diners can enjoy a wide range of hotpot flavors that come from four Oriental countries, namely Thailand, Japan, Korea and China, Redsun aimed to build and expand this concept into a restaurant chain that would create a new trend of casual dinning.

To achieve that goal, Redsun not only invested in the quality of its menu and services, but they also put their mind to building a strong brand image that would be different and impactful with its target customers. Redsun asked Richard Moore Associates to be a creative and strategic collaborator in realizing their plan.

Action & Result
With “Hotpot Story” selected as the name that best epitomized the new casual dining concept, Richard Moore Associates set out to design the new identity and bring the brand to life. The logo was inspired by the globe and the hotpot itself. Half of the O-shaped symbol associates the globe as a differentiating international aspect of the brand while the other half represents a pot lid, jointly creating the perception of a simmering pot of magical flavors from around the world.
We also created a media system and atmospheric expressions throughout the dining area which help Hotpot Story communicate its brand value consistently and effectively to all its customers.
From artwork to menu to surprising signature touches, each Hotpot Story restaurant has its own personality to reflect the brand’s core spirits.  With an exciting new brand to convey this experience, Hotpot story is well poised to make a splash in the restaurant industry with a new offering that appeals to cuisine explorers.

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