Market Situation
With a population of nearly 90 million, Vietnam has huge market potential for food products. The growing number of people who are aware of the dangers of industrial food processing has triggered the trend of consuming organic products, especially vegetables. Consciously aware of today’s concern about unhealthy vegetables while there’s still a serious shortage of supply, Skyfarm is incubating a project that’s brand-named Gotula, aspiring to reap wholesome benefits as a reliable source of organic farming for Vietnam.

With a clean slate to begin with, we were asked to create a complete Brand Identity, from the company’s name to a system of promotional literature. We began by establishing criteria that would guide the creative work, emphasizing the early origins of the firm in the region and their innovative yet practical approach to getting things done well. For the literature system, a method was required that would not only introduce the firm’s services, but would also permit customization of content and frequent addition of new project examples.

Action & Result
It is common knowledge that organic vegetables avoid the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers as industrialized agriculture does, contaminating and polluting our natural resources. What were the unique benefits that we discovered after numerous sessions with the board of directors and stakeholders? It turned out that Skyfarm was establishing the only full-cycle vegetable farm using advanced international technology in the cool hills of Hoa Binh. After it was strategically differentiated, the brand was brought to its best when we thought of it as a person with traits patterned after a caring archetype that values harmony and cooperation, satisfying consumer product fears, delivered with high taste and quality, natural like a breeze in the valley that brings good health.

Staying closely to the core brand criteria, the “tree” symbol of the Gotula logo was formed with several organic plant icons. Together with the brand font Cronos, the organic-like brand format uses fresh brand colors of green like a fresh salad and orange like ripe fruit to stimulate customers’ positive emotions.

Furthermore, the consise positioning phrase “Better meals, better life.” makes it easier for consumers to see how the brand can change their lives for the better. Because the brand provides healthy food for customers, its promising growth is warmly welcome by the government in protecting our nation’s natural resources for a brighter and sustainable future.

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