Market Situation
Over 20 years ago, Goldsun produced its first gas cooker as a starting milestone and after a few years, the brand had become known as the Vietnamese leader in that segment. Nowadays, Vietnamese not only need basic cooking appliances, they also demand various products with extra benefits for the whole kitchen. A larger Goldsun JSC, expanded to offer multiple household appliance categories, came about by leveraging their first business success and smartly responding to market trends. With strong investment from two well known joint ventures, in 2009 Goldsun decided on a change of brand identity to foster its vigorous growth.

Richard Moore Associates was entrusted to be the advisor and creator of the brand development project. Targeted to make Goldsun the leading brand of mid-end household appliances and one of the top three appliance exporters in Vietnam, the project required careful market groundwork and a strategic plan and image that would support their ambitions. Our work also involved communicating the brand’s product lines via nomenclature on packaging and promotion in a way compatible with the brand’s strategic vision. The goal was to develop a newly-vitalized Goldsun that would leverage the brand’s original value, enabling it to capture its extended market.

Action & Result
Our project initiation steps ranged from a factory visit to in-depth discussions with top management in key departments, all to pin-point the brand’s long term core values. Concurrently, in cooperation with ACNielsen, we shaped various qualitative and quantitative external market research to identify the insights of typical customers. This thorough approach to company and market research revealed a differentiated Goldsun as the only user-friendly Vietnamese household appliance manufacturer of international quality that was focused on the growing demand for more comfortable living. In emotional aspects, the brand is formulated as a Regular Guy or Gal who values being an ordinary person characterized by resourceful, friendly, and lively traits. These characteristics functioned as a lodestar, guiding all creative development, including the core brand identity, packaging and brand format.

The final logo featured a stylized letter “o” as the sun and a stylized letter “n” symbolizing the home. These visual metaphors were inspired by a verbal metaphor “sweet home under the sun” that reflects the breadth of Goldsun’s product lines as well as the desired feeling for their products. The brand format delivers a unique “sunrise animation” of the letter metaphors used for all communication materials. Guidelines show how this imagery is applied to Goldsun’s range of hundreds of products and marcom activities. “Convenient products. Comfortable living” (“Sản phẩm tiện ích, cuộc sống tiện nghi.”) is the brand’s memorable positioning phrase, resonating with the mindset of modern home owners.

Since the launch of their new brand identity, Goldsun has appeared in numerous supermarkets and shopping centers with their bright brand colors, a success that has sparked the creation of two new sub-brands (Modern Life and Yori) that we’ve helped the parent with, securing an even higher position in the household appliance segment of Vietnam and South East Asia.

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