Geo International

Market Situation
Markets are always transforming, and commodity markets are especially susceptible to change. When large shifts occur, small companies face big problems and mergers can become very attractive. Entirely new umbrella brands can form to offer customers a range of diversified services. This was the situation in the oil industry as the 1980’s began.

Over a dozen different companies had united under the Brand Name of Geo to serve the oilfield industry in areas like exploration, drilling and production, we were asked to create a Brand Identity that would visually unify them all into a single cohesive force, and to do so without losing the brand name equity that many of the individual companies had built up over many years.

Action & Result
Our solution began by making Geo’s short name part of a flexible system of sub-brands that preserved the equity of the sub-brand names in their established markets, while at the same time, adding descriptive terms that described their business. Descriptive names alone were used for new businesses extending Geo’s reach more broadly into the oilfield market. A particular shade of green, used nowhere else in the industry, identified not only printed matter, but Geo’s large fleet of vehicles and drilling equipment. With a clear and consistent Brand Identity, Geo soon became a successful competitor in its industry.

Who We Are

Richard Moore Associates is a a joint stock company with more than 40-year experience in brand consulting through Strategic differentiation and Creative excellence.

What We Do

As a brand communication consultancy, Richard Moore Associates offers services in the comprehensive development of Brand Identity, Brand Communication and Brand Engagement with a focus on your Brand’s strategic image.


Every brand has its own scenario. While building any brand strategy, we would draw a lively portrait of current brand situation from the insights and facts collected to develop the best recommendations for your brand.

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