Elzinga Adventure

Market Situation
With international travel becoming more common than ever, a new breed of traveler was seeking destinations off the beaten path. Jim Elzinga was the leader of a highly successful Canadian expedition to Mt. Everest and one of Canada’s leading mountaineers. Over his years of traveling to some of the world’s most exotic destinations, he had built relationships with local support services. He was well poised to organize and offer a variety of exciting treks, but he had a meager budget for promotion.

We recommended capitalizing on the owner’s unique name for the Brand Logotype and using it in a spirited but economical series of direct mail and small newspaper advertisements.

Action & Result
A cornerstone of the Elzinga Brand Identity was the creation of a collection of small, single-color illustrations, one for each of the many remote destinations that Elzinga Adventure offered travels to. These icon-like illustrations were crafted so that they could be used at any scale, from the full width of a poster to only two centimeters in a calendar of events. Most of the promotions we designed around the illustrations required only two colors for printing. And by keeping newspaper ads small but consistent, they could be placed daily without great expense. Elzinga Adventure was able to fill an aggressive calendar of adventures with customers from its first start-up years.

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