Market Situation
Other producers, especially from Japan, already had a strong presence in Vietnam in the early 1990’s when Electrolux, the world’s largest producer of appliances and equipment for the kitchen, decided to enter the marketplace. Unlike the distribution path chosen by many of its competitors, Electrolux began opening authorized dealerships that sold only the Electrolux brand. Electrolux’s high price reflected the superior quality of its products.

After we had successfully introduced many of Electrolux’s products in the marketplace via print advertising, Electrolux asked us to promote the brand itself. One of Electrolux’s worldwide positioning objectives was based on the concept of “durability”, and the company agreed to our proposal for a print and television campaign designed to increase awareness of how Electrolux products give service over many years.

Action & Result
We knew from our client’s records that in fact, Electrolux products were available in Vietnam as early as the 1950’s, and that some of these products were still in use. We conceived of a metaphor to dramatize the products that made Electrolux’s “durability” positioning memorable and entertaining. Although video production techniques for advertising were still new in Vietnam, we produced everything within the country. The campaign was so successful that a variation was produced that extended the concept to products that were not only still being used, but were still running trouble-free. Today, the campaign’s theme-line “Still running fine” is part of Vietnam’s pop-culture.

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