Market Situation
Located at the gateway to Hanoi from Hung Yen, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, and Hai Phong provinces, Ecopark is well on its way to becoming the largest, most comprehensive and most nature-harmonized township in northern Vietnam. In order to attain those goals, Ecopark has undertaken a comprehensive branding program to revitalize and strengthen its brand image.

In the past few years, applying Ecopark’s brand identity without a comprehensive graphic system has decreased the efficiency of project communications. Aware of this, Ecopark asked us to standardize their brand communication materials to create a consistent appearance and maximize their impression in all media.

At the cornerstone of this branding revamp was a new and upgraded Brand Identity System which presents a more strategic look for the Ecopark brand based on clearly defined core values. All the Ecopark Brand Identity elements in the system and many systematic media examples were developed from these new criteria.

Action & Result
After studying the situation, we took the first step of developing a sophisticated set of Core Brand Identity Elements to accompany the brand’s existing logotype, all based on 3 core values: Nature, People and Culture. Moreover, by developing a cohesive Master Brand Format, we were able to create a strategic impression that fits Ecopark’s values and target audiences. Essential features of Ecopark’s Master Brand Format include the expensive display of brand graphics as background elements that clearly and consistently relate to the logo. The consistent use of Ecopark’s brand colors and brand typography selected to fit the brand’s persona completes Ecopark’s new set of branding basics.

We also helped this pioneering township impress its international investors with two profile brochures which are not only rich in content and clean in design but concurrently build a consistent strategic image for the brand.

Thanks to a refreshing and attractive new appearance, Ecopark is quickly gaining the brand awareness it deserves and expects more success to come.

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