Dung Quat

Market Situation
Dung Quat Beer was the most popular local beer brand in Quang Ngai province. Their consumption volume was very high in the mainstream segment, but they had a great variety of competitors, including Saigon Beer, Larue and Tiger.

Dung Quat Beer aimed to maintain and promote its leading position in Quang Ngai, expanding its market share to become the number one brand in Tay Nguyen and other Central Vietnam provinces .

At the cornerstone of this branding revamp was a new and upgraded Brand Identity System which presents a more strategic look for the Ecopark brand based on clearly defined core values. All the Ecopark Brand Identity elements in the system and many systematic media examples were developed from these new criteria.

Action & Result
After implementing the steps of internal research with the top management of Dung Quat Beer and conducting formal market research, Richard Moore Associates used the outcomes to develop an effective brand differentiation strategy. The strategy boosted the leading position of the favorable Vietnamese beer brand with Quang Ngai drinkers in the mainstream segment and highlighted the beer’s easy to drink and stable quality. Using “Regular Guy” as a brand archetype and “Close – Cheerful – Steady” as a brand personality, the creative team focused on a set of core identity elements that included a revitalized brand logo and brand colors. To guide creation of the brand’a new bottle labels, cans and packaging, brand typography was carefully selected and master brand formats designed. All key elements of the master brand format were noted in a set of media guidelines, enabling Dung Quat Beer to create and build a consistent strategic image for the brand.

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