Dong A Bank

Market Situation
Over the last few years, the domestic financial and monetary sector of Vietnam has become very active. The year 2006 was marked with substantial growth of Vietnamese commercial banks in all aspects. As the WTO agreement came closer to reality, the need for improvement in banking sector branding policies became clear. With a strategy of “Integration and Development”, the Eastern Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank was ready to embark on a comprehensive branding program to improve and revitalize its brand image for better competition in the marketplace.

Being a top-of-mind Vietnamese bank (according to an AC Nielsen research in 2005), DongA had proven its high quality status and prestige in the finance and banking industry. While aiming at reaching more customers with its friendly character, DongA was also an innovative bank that was constantly applying advanced technologies in order to serve their customers better. Yet, the image of the bank was not projected in a way that corresponded to the bank’s reputation. Richard Moore Associates is proud to have been chosen by DongA to partner with them in the development of the bank’s full brand identity system. The process began with development of a brand differentiation strategy.

Action & Result
“DongA” was used as the brand name for the bank to preserve its meaningful, memorable Vietnamese name and avoid the common EAB initials that were neutral in emotional qualities and devoid of any meaning amongst the broad public. The DongA Logotype was well-crafted to reflect an image of a shining sun rising in the East. It is a warm, bright image for success, yet very friendly, reliable and close to everyone. The symbol of the logo is intended not only to memorably accompany the bank’s brand name, but also by graphically manipulating a set of the letter “A”, to imply the highest credit rating for financial institutions based on the international standard (AAA standard) and reflect DongA’s determination to become the leading financial group in the banking and financial sector. Related communication systems then were developed for all media, using the brand’s core identity elements to form a cohesive brand image for the bank. In July of 2007, six months after initiation of the project, the Bank celebrated its 15 year anniversary and also announced its new brand identity system, making this one of the most remarkable events in the financial sector during the year.

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