Market Situation
Pioneering in Vietnam’s electric cable market, Cadivi specializes in producing various kinds of electric wires and cables to well-supply in National production as well as daily consumption of electric power. In an evolving industry, Cadivi wanted to address new growth opportunities in the domestic market, and furthermore reach out internationally.

For this project our mission was to preserve Cadivi’s well established visual identity while refining it to achieve a more professional and powerful look. By doing so , the brand could be more confident in seizing growth opportunities and affirming the corporation’s role as the leading cable producer in Vietnam.

Action & Result
We worked closely with Cadivi to define what they offered to the market and what their core values were. Base on these strategic inputs, we designed an updated brand identity system that reflects the company’s essence as a truthful, loyal and pioneering cable producer. Simplifying the brand’s logo to a word-mark based on letterforms that relate to the logo’s former appearance, the new logotype is a clean evolution towards a stronger overall brand image. We also partnered with Cadivi to design and implement a master brand format to ensure consistency throughout all communications materials—from stationery to marketing communications, including corporate profiles, posters, billboards and much more.
The upgraded identity of Cadivi was officially revealed on March, 2015 as a new chapter in the corporation’s life, opening the way to a longer and more transformative story for the company.

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