Benovas Pharmacy

Market Situation
Duoc Cuu Long, now Benovas, is in the top ten of the pharmaceutical industry and first in manufacturing capsules. As a pharmaceutical group they produce Ethical drugs and Over the counter drugs, nutrition and dietary supplements as well as medical instruments. The pharmaceutical market place is very competitive, especially in price. There are no companies focusing on specific drugs lines.

Duoc Cuu Long ’s brand mission was to provide a professional level of many kinds of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, capsules and medical instruments to meet the high requirements of their customers, and to build an advanced quality management system that emphasizes quality, safety and efficiency with the highest commitment. With its brand vision to become the leading pharmaceutical company in Vietnam over five years, Duoc Cuu Long wanted to cooperate with Richard Moore Associates in developing a Brand Differentiation Strategy and Brand Identity System.

Action & Result
A comprehensive brand strategy was developed and recommended by Richard Moore Associates. Duoc Cuu Long had a long tradition of compassionately providing customer care. Its research & development activities have resulted in many popular lines of effective and nicely packaged non-prescription drugs. The Benovas brand name and positioning phrase “A million doses. A single dedication” accurately conveys the brand’s status. Furthermore, using “The Caregiver” as a Brand Archetype and basing the brand’s persona on “Caring – Compassionate – Modern” traits, the creation of the brand’s logo could be closely coordinated with the Brand Differentiation Strategy. All of the brand’s key Brand Differentiation Strategy and Brand Identity factors are in place to help it create and maintain a consistent strategic image.

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