Market Situation
Along with the growth of urbanization and population, the market has witnessed some senseless demands for housing. While tightening their belts, everyone is considering new options. Understanding this psychology, AusReal, an entirely domestic-owned company with strong partnership with Australian investors, is focusing on developing housing products of good quality at an affordable price.

Proud of their world-class investment and management experience, partnering it with the deep expertise of Vietnamese culture, AusReal asked Richard Moore Associates to create an appealing brand identity that would effectively communicate their brand differentiation, spirit and mission to a ready audience.

Action & Result
Based on AusReal’s competitive differentiation as the only Vietnamese re-development property enterprise combining authentic Australian standards in finance, design and quality with the tradition of Vietnamese culture, we started our exploration to develop a brand identity that fits the developer’s brand differentiation with a unique set of personality traits. The brand name AusReal was created in a combination of sans-serif bold and light letterforms to demonstrate a harmonious and stable image in the marketplace. The brand color was also carefully considered to convey the right brand message. The terrain-like yellow and red brown colors were chosen not only to help clients easily recognize and associate to the brand’s business nature, but also to project AusReal’s goal of bringing real and reliable housing to its Vietnamese customers.

With a concise and meaningful brand identity, AusReal is ready to make the housing dreams of many Vietnamese families come true.

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