Asia Injury

Market Situation
Worldwide, traffic accidents are growing, predicted to become the second largest source of death by 2020. The trend is worst in the Asia-Pacific region, where already 44% of the world’s road deaths occur. The Asia Injury Prevention Foundation was established to counter this tragic trend. It began its activities in Vietnam, focusing on preventing road injuries with the most vulnerable: children and motorcyclists.

The foundation had several audiences: international financial donors, local governments, children and motorcyclists of all ages. It had successfully initiated specific programs, but lacked an overall brand identity that could be used well to communicate with, especially to donors. They asked that one be created, and that this identity be extended into various marketing communication materials.

Action & Result
We recommended shortening the foundation’s lengthy name to something more memorable, and avoiding the commonplace AIPF initials that were often used. “Asia Injury” was the solution. Criteria was developed to express specific personality traits:
– Compassionate
– Smart
– Straightforward
A symbol that expressed these traits was developed, linked to the brand name and applied to stationery and a variety of other media, especially communication materials that explained Asia Injury’s activities. During a visit of key donors to Vietnam, Asia Injury used the opportunity to launch a major advertising campaign of our creation, using well-known and respected public figures recruited to encourage helmet use. The foundation’s work continues to gather support and curtail the loss of life on Asia’s roads.

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