Market Situation
With over 10 years of experience in Southeast Asia behind them, a group of French architects and engineers joined together to form what would be the largest such firm in Vietnam. During a period of unprecedented economic growth in the region, they had developed methods of utilizing local strengths and bypassing weaknesses to create sound international-standard construction at significant savings. Their new firm was to offer an unusually broad array of related services:
Architecture Design
Structural Design
Mechanical and Engineering Design
Construction Management
Design Support

With a clean slate to begin with, we were asked to create a complete Brand Identity, from the company’s name to a system of promotional literature. We began by establishing criteria that would guide the creative work, emphasizing the early origins of the firm in the region and their innovative yet practical approach to getting things done well. For the literature system, a method was required that would not only introduce the firm’s services, but would also permit customization of content and frequent addition of new project examples.

Action & Result
The name, Archetype, captured in a word the authoritative standard that the principals had set in the region, and also set the tone for an innovative approach for the future. The particular selection of brand color, typography and manner of spatial organization in all printed matter balanced the firm’s traditional European expertise with their innovative abilities. A flexible binding system was imported from the USA to permit the design of inserted pages that would present a unified appearance while at the same time allow easy customization of content. We also designed several introduction brochures and recently, designed and developed a website for them. Archetype experienced rapid growth from its first days of business.

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