An Hung Tuong

Market Situation
With a booming economy at the beginning of 2010, Vietnam was a promising market for the construction industry – including steel production. However, Vietnam’s steel market is characterized by fierce competition with numerous foreign and domestic factories operated nationwide. Established in 1977, An Hung Tuong was traditionally involved in the low end segment of steel rebar production. But in 2010, the company began moving towards the medium market segment with significant changes in its production development. With a new approach to market segmentation, it became clear that AHT’s branding would play a vital role in their business mission.

Given that product quality is relatively equal among competitors in each tier of the steel market, brand image has become increasingly important. RMA’s mission for An Hung Tuong was to create a favorable brand identity that would reflect their core business characteristics well and build positive perceptions of the company’s brand.

Action & Result
We thoroughly conducted both company research (In-depth interviews with An Hung Tuong’s management) and market research (focus group discussions with the target audience) to work out a sound base for development of An Hung Tuong’s brand identity. Having done so, we were able to work collaboratively with An Hung Tuong’s management in developing a competitive differentiation strategy and a fitting persona for the brand. This focused our creative development of a logotype, typeface, colors and a comprehensive brand format in a way reinforces the underlying and unique spirit of the brand. An Hung Tuong’s positioning phrase “The heart of steel” is very compatible with the “considerate” aspects of its brand personality, yet compliments the “determined” mountain-like shape of its logotype. All elements of An Hung Tuong’s brand identity have been designed in a synergistic way so that they work as an orchestra in setting the brand apart from competitors.

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