Market Situation
The former Incombank is one of the four key state-owned commercial banks that closely collaborate with the development of many businesses and enterprises of various economic sectors. And they were one of the first banks to recognize the importance of strengthening their brand identity in the face of WTO and the increased financial competition that will follow.

We were selected to help the bank develop a system that was worthy of their stature, we began meeting with the bank’s directors to learn candidly more about the bank’s strengths and weaknesses, and their aspirations for the future. We also used consumer research that the bank had recently conducted, and after learning of the bank’s international plans, we used intellectual property attorneys to probe international trademark issues, finding some.

Following development of an identity strategy that would differentiate the bank, we proposed a brand personality that would fit how the bank saw itself and its role in the marketplace. At the conclusion of this preliminary work, it was clear that the identity system which had worked so well for the bank in past years would not support their long term strategic objectives. This included even the bank’s brand name. After careful and lengthy deliberation of all the factors, the bank decided that if change was necessary, it should be done comprehensively enough to create a brand image base that would serve well for decades.

Action & Result
The spirit of the decision to change the bank’s brand identiy was further extended when after VietinBank’s comprehensive brand identity system had been carefully created, the guidelines that would communicate the system were prepared. Today, VietinBank has one of the most comprehensive brand identity guidelines ever developed for a Vietnamese brand, with over 250 prototype design examples and a 200 page set of guidelines. Following a section that describes the core verbal and visual elements of the brand, the guidelines are organized into individual sections, so that whomever is asked to implement one type of media or another can be given only what is needed. The guidelines were also developed for electronic PDF distribution, so that any of the guidelines sections can be transmitted in minutes over the internet to whomever needs them.

Because of the bank’s extensive preparations and these comprehensive guidelines, the bank was able to rapidly implement their new identity in 2008 to their 800 branches, transaction offices, and savings offices throughout Vietnam.

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