Venus CatBa

Market Situation
Venus Cat Ba is the visionary real estate brand of GIICO group for one of the Cat Ba complex of islands in Northern Vietnam. Their ambitious plan was to turn the island into a financial and tourism center which would mainly serve foreign tourists and a small number of affluent Vietnamese.

The challenge for GIICO was that they did not have a good brand identity in place to communicate effectively their business mission to investors.

To convince GIICO’s sophisticated target audience that Venus Cat Ba is the right destination for “the rich” and their expectations for comfort and exceptional services, Richard Moore Associates was asked to help position the brand and create an appealing brand identity system to express it.

Action & Result
We use many techniques to help clarify how a brand is different from its competitors, and the use of archetypes is one of them. These fundamental characteristics of mankind have been codified by the early Greeks, the renowned psychologist Carl Jung and more recently by marketing specialists. One of these archetypes – the “Idealist” – seemed to fit GIICO’s concept perfectly, and it became the inspiration for the “forward-looking”, “elegant” and spirited” personality traits that were used as criteria to begin creative exploration of the appearance of the brand. The “V” of the brand name, jewel-like appearance and crown icon all come together in the logotype to project this brand’s leading position and their outstanding service for elite clients.

Who We Are

Richard Moore Associates is a a joint stock company with more than 40-year experience in brand consulting through Strategic differentiation and Creative excellence.

What We Do

As a brand communication consultancy, Richard Moore Associates offers services in the comprehensive development of Brand Identity, Brand Communication and Brand Engagement with a focus on your Brand’s strategic image.


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