Market Situation
Most users in Vietnam are familiar with Visa and ATM cards. However, for many customers who own both kinds of cards, “card” simply means “payment.” Visa is used for traveling abroad, the default “international payment card.” And for many ATM card owners, “domestic card” means just an “ATM card”which is restricted to salary payment and cash withdrawal functions. Users don’t see it a tool with which to make payments nor project their social image. For them, “a domestic card seems like a motorbike; an international Visa card is more like an auto.”

Banknet’s product would be new to Vietnam, an underlying financial network that would allow banks to offer Visa-like features enabling users to make domestic retail payments. Banknet wanted to become the No.1 national payment system in Vietnam, creating a national retail payment infrastructure, contributing to non-cash payments in Vietnam, providing customers with an international modern payment service. Yet, how could Banknet sway the minds of customers who might wonder why they would need a “Vietnamese Visa” when their ATM or debit cards can be used for everyday payments?

Action & Result
Richard Moore Associates recommended a brand differentiation strategy that addressed Banknet’s specific objectives and the mindset of the marketplace – positioning Banknet as the nation’s “domestic payment card,” in contrast to the “International payment card” of Visa (and Mastercard). During extensive nation-wide research that we helped our client structure, we learned of several factors that supported this direction:
– Visa positioned itself as a “Payment card for traveling abroad and for big purchases”. In contrast Banknet’s card could position itself as a “domestic payment card” for “daily payment”.
– Visa was considered as a card only for high income customers with social status. Banknet’s card could be positioned for everyone.
– Visa was positioned as an international card for foreigners. Banknet could be positioned as a domestic card for Vietnamese.

Accordingly, Banknet has become positioned as the national payment card from the only national company specialized in financial switching, infrastructure and payment services for all banks and large-scale Vietnamese companies, a card that’s easy to register, easy to purchase with, for everyone in Vietnam.

For the card’s broad market, a “Regular Guy” was chosen for Banknet’s brand archetype, with Close, Modern and Intelligent brand personality traits. Based on these emotional criteria, we developed a brand name that is easy to read and remember – Napas. A brand identity system that projects the modern, dynamic characteristics of Vietnam’s own retail credit card was developed for its introduction in all media.
Since its launching in the market, the Napas card has been warmly welcomed. And now it is on the way to become an essential payment method for every Vietnamese.

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