Kingdom of Bhutan

Market Situation
Located at the eastern end of the Himalayan mountains, where the plains of India meet dense forests rising toward the high Tibetan plateau of China, the small country of Bhutan remained isolated and independent for centuries. As recently as 1961, all entry was still by foot or horseback. Today, a network of paved roads cuts through ancient mountain passes as high
as 12,000.

Wishing to promote the country’s many attractions in a way that would not disrupt its rich culture, the government of Bhutan developed specific tourist routes and an infrastructure of rustic hotels, vehicles and well-trained guides to build a high-end reputation for adventure-seeking travelers. As one of the earliest trekking travelers in Bhutan, Richard Moore photographed avidly, and his work was exhibited in the Overseas Press Club and published in travel publications. Soon, he was asked to develop marketing communication materials that would promote the Kingdom to the primary audience-travel agents in the US, Germany and Japan. The budget was small, but the appeal was large.

Action & Result
Drawing from Richard Moore’s personal collection of photographs taken over three month-long journeys throughout the Kingdom, we created a multi-language, multipurpose brochure/poster and other literature that described the country’s various itineraries. Most importantly, a 17 minute video was created that described Bhutan’s cultural traditions, destinations, flora & fauna and visa entry procedures. This video and other materials were used in city-by-city events for travel agents, hosted by Bhutanese in native clothing. In three years the tourism targets were met.

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